University Facilities–Sightlines Report

The Ohio Board of Regents commissioned the Sightlines Consulting Group to analyze facilities investment across the system and conduct specific analyses at each public university. The Sightlines Ohio University Report 2009 was completed in the spring of 2010. The results were presented in three sessions on June 2 and 3: an open forum for the campus as a whole; a session for the Deans, Vice Presidents, and Chairs; and a session for the Budget Planning Council.  It is anticipated that the Regents will commission annual updates.


New Resources Posted

A list of undergraduate degrees and their salary trajectories from Today’s Campus (May/June 2010) has been added to the Examples/Resources page under “Economics” category.

Also added to the Examples/Resources page are the following:

Under “Conducting an Environmental Scan”:  Kathy Aboufadel, Pamela Miller, Katie Daniels, “Conducting an Environmental Scan to Inform Strategic Planning,” Association of Institutional Research Annual Forum, June 2, 2010.

Under “Multiple Issues/Trends”:  Society for College and University Planning’s (SCUP) semiannual environmental scan, “Trends in Higher Education.”

New Report Released June 15 on Jobs & Education

Anthony P. Carnevale, Nicole Smith, and Jeff Strohl, “Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018,” June 2010.

“This report is divided into five parts that present national forecasts of educational demand from 2008 through 2018 and provide economic context for the findings. These estimates are grounded in occupational and industry forecasts based on a macroeconomic model that generates a cohesive economic outlook for the economy over the next decade.”

Also see this interesting interactive chart from the Chronicle:  “How One University’s Revenue Has Evolved, 1980-2010:  A look at how revenue sources for the U. of Michigan at Ann Arbor, like those of many major public research institutions, have been transformed over three decades.”

Initial Meeting, June 9

The University Environmental Scan Team met for the first time on June 9.  President McDavis provided the charge for the team.  The members of the team discussed how best to proceed with the research to be done over the summer.  They selected eight major categories with each member of the team taking responsibility for a category.

Cultural/Communication – Scott Titsworth

Demographics – Randy Leite

Economics – Joe McLaughlin

Higher Education – Kent Smith

Infrastructure – Terry Conry

Politics – Chris Knisely

Regional Issues – Rich Greenlee

Technology – Ralph DiCaprio

The team also put together an initial set of questions/issues that EVPP staff will help to research:

  • What students want to major in–trends over time
  • What matters to students and what matters to their parents
  • High school graduation and college eligibility trends
  • Historical information on where students are coming from
  • Accreditation trends
  • Completion/Graduation/Enrollments
  • Appalachian Ohio as an advantage for a public research institution
  • Trends that impact attracting the best and brightest students and employees (e.g., child care, quality housing, health care, etc.)
  • Enterprise risk management
  • The role of campus culture and communication issues
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Centralized/Decentralized structure; Organization of institutions
  • Organizations of curriculum-General education, etc.
  • The academic workplace-qualities in higher education institutions