University Facilities–Sightlines Report

The Ohio Board of Regents commissioned the Sightlines Consulting Group to analyze facilities investment across the system and conduct specific analyses at each public university. The Sightlines Ohio University Report 2009 was completed in the spring of 2010. The results were presented in three sessions on June 2 and 3: an open forum for the campus as a whole; a session for the Deans, Vice Presidents, and Chairs; and a session for the Budget Planning Council.  It is anticipated that the Regents will commission annual updates.


One Response

  1. The environment that facilities and its workers appear to exist is one in which there are many inefficiencies brought on by too many layers of management/supervision and too little feedback solicited from the people that they really work for: faculty, staff, students. This is particularly when doing repairs or refurbishing. Generally, the everyday work of the janitors and the grounds staff is done well but clearly they have too few resources to provide the level of service that many of us desire. But how could that be known since we are never asked for our opinion? Maybe our opinion does not matter. Student evaluate their instructors for every course they take.
    Going back to repairs, rarely do facilities workers contact the people submitting the work orders. The information given in the work request is frequently not put into the work order so the worker arrives without all the knowledge that the person making the request provided. Finally, on refurbishing projects, policies regarding what is to be done, and to what standard it is to be done, appears to change as the project progresses. This leads to increases in cost and extension to the time to completion. Like the repairs, there is no accountability for not providing those policies or specifications at the beginning of the project, during the design phase.
    This is the environment that facilities appears to work in. We need a functioning and responsive facilities management organization. One which is accountable and provides an agreed quality of service.

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