New Demographic Sources Posted

Randy Leite has provided the following sources relating to demographic issues:

A Portrait of Low-Income Young Adults in Education, Institute for Higher Education Policy (June 2010)

“This brief takes a broad look at low-income young adults in an effort to contribute to the national discussion on improving degree completion by increasing participation among all disadvantaged populations—especially those who attempt to succeed in postsecondary settings under financial stress. Understanding the linkages between low-income young adults’ involvement in postsecondary education and their transition to the labor market is critical to improving the additive value of these experiences.”

Contexts of Postsecondary Education, 2010

Covers:  Characteristics of Postsecondary Students; Racial/Ethnic Concentration in Higher Education; U.S. Students Studying Abroad; Undergraduate Fields of Study; Graduate and First-Professional Fields of Study; Degrees Conferred by Public and Private Institutions; Faculty Salaries, Benefits, and Total Compensation; College Student Employment; Federal Grants and Loans to Undergraduates; Price of Attending an Undergraduate Institution; Price of Graduate and First-Professional Attendance;Postsecondary Revenues and Expenditures

Ohio Educational Needs Inventory, 2008

The Educational Needs Index (ENI) is a regional-level study of educational, economic, and population pressures that influence educational policy and planning at local, regional, and state levels. The index introduces an econometric model that assesses conditions and trends for all fifty states and their respective sub-regions, allowing peer comparisons across a variety of indicators.

Participation Rates and Developmental Course Enrollment Rates for Ohio High School Graduates Going Directly to a University System of Ohio College or University, Ohio Board of Regents, May 2010

Profile of Recent High School Graduates Enrolled as First-Year College Students: Fall 2003 to Fall 2007 by High School District, Ohio Board of Regents, July 2009

Trends in College Pricing, 2009, College Board

Trends in Student Aid, 2009, College Board


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