Cost Trends in Higher Education & Workforce Planning

Trends in College Spending, 1998-2008,” July 8, 2010

“A national trends report and cost-comparison tool released . . . by the Delta Project on Postsecondary Costs, Productivity, and Accountability provide significant insight into how thousands of the nation’s colleges and universities are spending their resources, with implications for what that means for ―the new normal in college spending.  The report – Trends in College Spending 1998-2008: Where Does the Money Come From? Where Does It Go? What Does It Buy? – examines national college spending and resource trends in the years leading up to the current recession. Focusing on the period from 1998 to 2008 (the most recent year for which data is available), the report highlights several ongoing patterns in how institutions get and spend their money. TCS Online (, a new web-based application of the Delta project database, complements the national trends report with easy access to institution and state-level details.”

Academic Support Unit Workforce Planning Initiative Example (Cornell University)

“Driven by fiscal pressures and a responsibility to ensure the most cost effective use of limited resources, President Rawlings initiated the Workforce Planning initiative in November 2001 as a comprehensive review of non-academic staffing requirements across the Ithaca campus.”


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