Coping Strategies for Universities & Useful Database for Higher Education Finance

The Delta Project Report entitled “Trends in College Spending 1998-2008: Where Does the Money Come From? Where Does It Go? What Does It Buy?” was posted on July 8 along with a link to an interactive database that allows access to “information on finance, performance, and enrollments for individual institutions, groups of institutions, or the nation as a whole.”  The database offers a useful way of understanding a set of complicated factors, and at Craig Cornell’s recommendation I’m drawing specific attention to its features.  The database has six “primary metrics”:

  • Revenue: Where Does the Money Come From?
  • Expenditures: Where Does the Money Go?
  • Cost/Price/Subsidy: What’s the Student Share of Costs?
  • Performance: Outcomes and Spending
  • Spending Comparisons: Prices and Enrollment vs. Spending
  • Enrollment: Where Do Students Go?


Christine M. Keller, “Coping Strategies of Public Universities During the Economic Recession of 2009: Results of a Survey on the Impact of the Financial Crisis on University Campuses,” (November 2009) Association of Public and Land-grant Universities.

“In August and September of 2009, APLU surveyed its 188 member universities about the financial situation on their campuses.  The survey asked for information on state appropriations, tuition and fees, student enrollment, and educational revenues.  It also asked institutions how they were handling budget shortfall in both the short- and the long-term.”


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