Draft Environmental Scan Report

The first draft of the University Environmental Scan Team report is now available.  Click here.  Please note that this is “take one” and it is anticipated that the document will change as input is received and reviewed.


Figuring Out the Future

Mark Weinberg recommends:  Scott D. Anthony and Clayton M. Christensen, “Are You Reading the Right Signals,” September 2004, Strategy and Innovation (Harvard Business School)

“All of us make countless decisions every day based on what we think the future will hold. The challenge, naturally, is that the future rarely turns out as expected. Companies that appear to be poised to take off suddenly fizzle out; an analyst’s seemingly prescient predictions turn out to be 100% wrong. Determining whether a hyped innovation truly has the potential to transform an industry is a similarly challenging endeavor: Which developments are transformational and which will end up being more hype than reality.”

Environmental Scan Team Update, Sept. 10, 2010

The Environmental Scan Team met on Friday, September 10 to discuss the first draft of a report on key trends.  After further revisions, the report will be shared with the executive committees of the constituent senates for their review and comment.  After this iteration, the report will be made available to the University community and open forums will be held in October to discuss the University report and its intersection with the environmental scans from the planning units.  The report will be reviewed in light of the comments and suggestions heard at the forums and an initial draft will be shared in early November with the President and the Board of Trustees.