Draft Environmental Scan Report

The first draft of the University Environmental Scan Team report is now available.  Click here.  Please note that this is “take one” and it is anticipated that the document will change as input is received and reviewed.


2 Responses

  1. The draft report has a serious deficiency in that it does not address the possible effects of the upcoming gubernatorial election on the university. We seem to be planning for a $15M reduction in state subsidy. What if the reduction is $50M? What’s plan B? We should have a contingency plan to take the university private in the event that John Kasich is elected governor.

  2. I read through the draft. The major topic should be “How do we cut costs and maintain quality in a diminishing job market for graduates.” A diminishing job market will crush higher education in the longer term. A quality management program must be implemented to cut costs.

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