Global Education and Liberal Education

Dan Weiner passed along an essay entitled “Global Education and Liberal Education” from Peter N. Stearns, Provost at George Mason University.  It appeared in the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Liberal Education, Summer 2010, Vol. 96, No. 3.

In the essay Provost Stearns notes:

“But no effort to provide a global education can possibly succeed without a solid curricular base, which must be the focus of any discussion of the relationship between global and liberal education. Considerable attention must go to programs that serve students for whom global issues constitute a major focus, and there are clearly liberal-educational opportunities here. Because globalization itself is a multifaceted process, embracing contacts ranging from trade to culture and from the environment to health, a state-of-the-art global affairs major becomes a significantly interdisciplinary endeavor, always remembering that language training and discussion of international relations continue to have strong roles to play. A dozen or more disciplines can be (actively and) usefully engaged in shaping and staffing concentrations of this sort, which, happily, at least for the moment, also draw in sizeable numbers of interested students.”


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