The University Environmental Scan Team has selected 8 areas of initial focus: Demographics, Cultural/Communication, Economics, Higher Education, Infrastructure, Politics, Regional Issues, and Technology.

Out of those 8 areas of initial focus, the team identified the following issues and questions as starting points for discussion.  EVPP staff have been asked to help find information that can assist with documenting these issues/questions.

  • What students want to major in–trends over time
  • What matters to students and what matters to their parents
  • High school graduation and college eligibility trends
  • Historical information on where students are coming from
  • Accreditation trends
  • Completion/Graduation/Enrollments
  • Appalachian Ohio as an advantage for a public research institution
  • Trends that impact attracting the best and brightest students and employees (e.g., child care, quality housing, health care, etc.)
  • Enterprise risk management
  • The role of campus culture and communication issues
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Centralized/Decentralized structure; Organization of institutions
  • Organizations of curriculum-General education, etc.
  • The academic workplace-qualities in higher education institutions

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