What students want to major in–trends over time

ACT Class Profile:

Ohio University Compendium of Historical Planning Information:

This site combines information from the Princeton Review and the National Center for Education Statistics to determine the most popular majors from 1970-71 to 2004-2005,

What matters to students and what matters to their parents

Marketing studies assessing reasons students apply to and enroll at Ohio University:

Ohio University Student Affairs Parents’ Web site:

High school graduation and college eligibility trends

WICHE national and state enrollment projections:

ACT college readiness report:

National Center for Education Statistics’ 2010 version of the Contexts of PostSecondary Education

James E. Rosenbaum, “Universal Higher Education: Challenges and Alternative Strategies for Serving the New College Student,” 2004.

Historical information on where students are coming from

Ohio University undergraduate admissions stats by state:

Degree Completion/Graduation/Enrollments/Jobs

Ohio University Compendium of Historical Planning Information:

Georgetown’s national study on projections of job and education requirements

Lumina Foundation [College Access & Student Success]

Inequality Goes to College: The Widening Gap in Who Attends and Who Graduates, The American Prospect, 2009 [posted 7-6-10]

Some Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data sites:

On this page, educational and training measures are paired with other occupational data from BLS to show the current distribution of employment by education or training level, employment projections, and earnings by education or training category, and 2008 employment distributed by major occupational groups for both the category and attainment data.

This is the occupational projections and training data main site.  See in particular the “selected tables” box that breaks out employment trends through 2018

See for the 30 occupations with the largest anticipated growth by 2018.

In addition, see for Ohio job projections through 2016.


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